Loss In Nusrat's Under The Persimmon Tree

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(AGG) Loss is just one unfortunate tragedy that everyone can relate too including Nusrat in the book Under The Persimmon Tree. (BS-1) Elaine believes that god had a plan that included the death of Margaret which created a loss in a loss of trust in Christianity. (BS-2) Nusrat and Faiz had many dreams in life, but that crumbled when Faiz has been missing and hasn’t responded to any of Nusrat’s letter, the isolation gave her a chance to think about why Margaret had died. (BS-3) Nusrat hadn’t understood herself and hadn’t thought about her parents until she had found a good answer to Margaret’s death. (TS) Nusrat’s life has been shaped by the losses of her close one’s throughout the book.
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(SIP-A) Nusrat and Faiz had many dreams about their life together, but with Faiz gone the dreams can only remain as a sense of regret in her mind. (STEWE-1) Nusrat and Faiz had meant to live in New York instead of Afghanistan. Later on on the book Nusrat had stated “If only they’d stayed in New York as they’d had planned” (Staples 94). Nusrat wouldn’t have to be in a situation in where they had stayed in New York, Faiz would have been safe and Nusrat would be happy. (STEWE-2) Faiz wanted to have a child but Nusrat had declined the offer. “I wish, that I had done what you wanted. I wish I’d conceived a child before you left. Perhaps you would have been more reluctant to take chances with your life if you had a son or daughter to come home to” (Staples 220). Nusrat is regretting that she didn’t have a child which may have lead to Faiz being more careful with his life. (SIP-B) The loss of Faiz made Nusrat come to realizations about the death of Margaret and religion. (STEWE-1) The dream of Margaret and Faiz has made Nusrat feel a good feeling in her conscience. “The second figure is Faiz. This time Nusrat knows what to expect… When she awakens, Nusrat feels peace settling over the raw center of pain in her chest” (Staples 231). The meeting of Faiz in the dream has given a good answer on how Margaret will always stay with her as stars. (STEWE-2) The answer to Margaret's death has made Nusrat look at Christianity differently. She had thought about Islam and what science had taught her and stated “If I'd been open to it, Christianity might have taught me the the same things.” (Staples 237). Islam is basically telling Nusrat the same thing that Christianity was but she needed to look at Christianity differently to get the same answers. (CS) The absence of Faiz in Nusrat’s life is creating a sense of regret, but

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