M Night Shyamalan Themes

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Signs, is a science fiction film directed by M. Night Shyamalan. In the film Signs the director M. Night Shyamalan uses character issues, philosophy and the home invasion to portray the possibilities of destiny in each moment.
The main characters are Graham Hess, Merrill Hess, Morgan Hess and Bo Hess. Graham lives in Bucks County with his two children Morgan and Bo, and brother Merrill Hess. When his wife was killed in an accident six months ago, he quit praying and being a priest in the Ministry. “We are all alone” (Shyamalan). Graham lost faith in God because god took his wife away after all Graham was giving back to the community by being a priest. He believes that they are alone and no one will help them make it out alive but themselves, one of his biggest issues. If Graham had a different mindset then he would not have done anything to protect his family when the alien invaded because all his faith and trust would be in god’s hands. Morgan, Graham’s son, is very angry at Graham for not protecting the family like a dad should. Morgan’s biggest issue is how he is left to take care of Bo and her safety whenever dangerous events occur. At one point, Bo is attacked by their dog. Morgan stabs and kills the dog to save Bo from harm, something he
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He holds the minor league home run record in baseball. His biggest issue is the end of his career in baseball. Although his career ended short, his talents come in handy later on. If Merrill had not given up his dreams for baseball, the film Signs could have ended in tragedy because Merrill would not be there to “swing” at the alien. Bo, Graham's daughter, has a habit leaving unfinished glasses of water around the house. Although this created a mess, if she had not done this then the water wouldn’t have saved her family in the end. The characters actions effected the family’s
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