Ma And Pa Ferguson's Influence On Texas History

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Ma and Pa Ferguson both left a mark in history when they were Texas governor. I would like to cover who they were, what they did, when it happened, and why they are important. Miriam Amanda Wallace also known as Ma Ferguson born June 13, 1875 in Bell County Texas. Once she graduated high school she attended college at Baylor college for women in Belton. She is also the first women to be Texas governor and the first women to have two separate terms. James Edward Ferguson Jr. also known as Pa Ferguson was born on August 31, 1871 in Bell County Texas. He studied law at Belton County and received his law degree. Then he became the 26th governor of Texas and the first gentlemen of Texas. Pa Ferguson was also the first and only governor to be impeached from office. Ma and Pa Ferguson both made an impact on Texas history. Ma Ferguson was the first female Texas governor, she took a stand against the Ku Klux Klan, and she also pushed for a sales tax and cooperate income tax. While Pa Ferguson …show more content…

During that term he was the first Texas governor to be impeached from office. He is the only Texas Governor ever to be impeached from office. But he found a way to get back into office, he had his wife ran for office in 1925 so he would be in office once again. When his wife was governor of Texas he was the first gentleman of Texas, which opened the door for him to be in office. The reason Ma and Pa Ferguson are important in Texas history is Ma Ferguson was the first female governor in Texas. She also caused the constitutional amendment that does not allow the governor to issues pardons. Ma Ferguson issued over 4,000 pardons during her term in office. She also fought prohibition, state sales tax, and corporate income tax. Pa Ferguson was the first and only Texas governor impeached from office. He also signed the Text Book law and advanced taxes from twelve and a half cents to thirty

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