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Macbeth a man driven on by ruthless ambition and tortured by regret Ambition is an earnest desire familiar to most that provides us with motivation to reach specific goals no matter the consequences or troubles one will have to endure. Shakespeare conveys this desire remarkably through a tragic hero, who is known as Macbeth. The play focus on the downfall of Macbeth and how ruthless ambition can psychologically damage and ruin the character. The play underlines how irrational and selfish thoughts can bring dissonance and disorder. The realization of moral decline throughout the play brings about regret and despair, as the imaginary world that Macbeth has built with the absence of responsibilities and fear, is finally crushed by reality. Macbeth is held in high regard when Duncan, king of Scotland learns that his army is led by …show more content…

Lady Macbeth who had strengthened her will and hardened her heart by ‘’ murdering ministers’’ influences Macbeth to murder Duncan by challenging him to prove his worth as a man. Conflicted Macbeth sees no real reason in killing Duncan, apart from ‘’Vaulting Ambition’ ’Macbeth’s conscience is deeply troubled, he decides not to go ahead with the murder ‘’We will proceed no further in this business’’ but following his wife’s condescending interventions he resolves to murder, showing weakness in his character and how easily swayed Macbeth can be. Just like with the witch’s prophecies he is eager to find out what lies ahead. With this we learn that Macbeth is a feeble character who is easily persuaded emotionally by his wife, who knows of Macbeths insecurities and hence targets them. Courage and physical power are Macbeths major claims of self esteem; without them he is nothing. From Macbeth’s moral thoughts and questioning, he is completely transferred when a well-rounded plan is calculated by Lady Macbeth, ‘’I’m settled

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