Mahashweta Analysis

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Anupama, the soul character of the novel ‘Mahashweta’ takes on a journey as an imperfect and abandoned wife towards independence, identity, empowerment and happiness in her life. The novel introduces Anupama as a ‘Mahashweta’, the heroine of the play and her successful love with Pundarika is pictured on stage. In the play, she renunciates the entire World for her lover Pundarika but in reality Anupama has been detached from her own husband Anand by leukoderma and forced to prove her existence in this World.
The reality faced by women in contemporary society varies from our old Indian mythical tales. The reality of life is emulated through mythical stories and art plays a pivotal role in reproducing the facts of a society. In the play ‘Mahashweta’, the female protagonist revived her lover’s life from the hands of death but in contrary to this Anupama has been induced by her own fate and social stigmas to resurrect her life. This rebirth becomes possible only after the
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She denies Anand’s request to reunite with him to start another life because she never wants to evict the new Mahashweta who has resurrected her soul from many imperfections and misfortunes in her life. The imperfections teach her to accept life as it comes without any regression towards it. The ultimate success of the novel is that the real Mahashweta (Anupama) is going to direct the play ‘Mahashweta’ not only as a Sanskrit lecturer but with the pride of being achieved the status of a victorious woman folk in the Indian society. She has emphasized her existence by exhibiting and grooming the theatrical qualities of many students with the aid of art. All the misfortunes and white patches in Anupama’s life are overcasted and vanished before the achievements accomplished with her histrionic talents on
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