A Short Walk In The Hindu Kush Analysis

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A Short Walk In The Hindu Kush is a autobiography written by an Englishman called Eric Newby. This book was first published in 1958 in Great Britain. However, the book that I read was published by Penguin Books in 1968. The total pages of this book is 249, which divide this book into twenty parts. This book is written based on the author’s own experience that is mainly about mountaineering. It is an adventure in the Hindu Kush. In the twenty sections, the author wrote why he decided to have this adventure, what he experienced during the whole trip, and what he found at the final of the adventure. In the book, there are two maps that can help readers to understand the geography of the regions more clearly. Two Englishmen, Eric and one of his…show more content…
He had a Mongolian face and was dressed in clean khaki drill with buttons polished. Here the two men were entertained kindly by the Hindu caretaker. After a long-term path, the journey of the real trip just started from chapter 7. They could go out of the motor-car and touch the field in the life. Of course, in a new environment, there are different habits and custom that they have to acclimatize. They met the ministry in the region and they ate the native food. The cook was one of the problems for them. Otherwise, Eric described the main landscape that he saw when he first came there. For example, the main Hindu Kush range is the watershed between the Oxus and the deserts of Central Asia and the Indus and the rivers that flow into the Indian Ocean. In July, they left Kabul. Their next destination was the Panjshir Valley and The Mountain. They lived in the place near the river with some trees. It is a valley called Mullah. They sat there for a while. The author’s friend was telling an interminable story, something from South America, about an anaconda killing a horse. The story of the anaconda broke even the Mullah 's resistance, and soon they were left alone. In chapter 9, it is a new day for them. The driver from the
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