Maine Should Not Regulate The Possession Of Marijuana

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Maine should not allow the possession and use of marijuana under state law by people who are at least 21 years of age. It can cause a lot of problems to humans. These problems could cause danger to anyone around the person that has marijuana. This could cause danger on the roads and streets, also it is easier for kids to get it and use the drug, and it can be dangerous to your body. The first reason Maine should not allow the possession of Marijuana to be legal is because kids might have an easier chance of accessing it. If Marijuana was legalized, parents or Guardians could have the opportunity of possessing some type of food that has the drug in it. Kids could just think it is normal food, and ingest it without knowing. When they add marijuana …show more content…

Driving sleepy is dangerous. You could be not focused on driving. These drugs could mess with your brain. If you don’t have a good brain to work with it could end up deadly. Driving a car you need to use your hands feet brain and eyes. If you aren't using the requirements to drive a car, you are putting a lot of people in danger. Marijuana is able to slow you down, and turn you into a straight up zombie. It is because the THC in this drug, messes with your brain's orbitofrontal cortex. Acting like a zombie in public, is harmful to yourself and others. The drug affects your learning, memory, and reaction time. Driving, you might have to stop because there is a red light. If there is a car in front of your car, you could hit the car because your reaction time is slower than usual. Most humans want to keep their life safe and others safe. Using this drug is threatening to people's …show more content…

Using any drug has side effects. The side effects could be just be headaches, or being tired. There is worse effects too, like poor school performance and addiction. Marijuana has a lot of side effects, long term and short term. Some of them are panic, hallucinations, loss of sense of personal identity, severe anxiety, increased heart rate, and problems with coordination. Those are just some of the effects on your body. If you want to keep your body healthy and strong, do not use marijuana. It is harmful to your lungs. Regular pot smokers are more likely to have irritated lungs, an ongoing cough, chest colds, and lung infections. It is also reasonable for people to think that marijuana is good for the

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