Major Ibjectages And Disadvantages Of Project-Based Business

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1.0 Introduction
In the environment of economic globalization, organizational project management has become an important strategic advantage in the fierce competition for development. In recent years, various project management maturity models have been introduced to provide organizations with a wealth of knowledge to understand project management and to benchmark standards as a self-assessment tool to determine the current state of the organization and to develop improvement plans.
The project-based business, is standing in the enterprise senior management point of view of the enterprise in a variety of tasks for project management, its guiding ideology is the operation of enterprises as reference or project management (management by project), this is a Project-oriented long-term organization and management methods, the core is based on the project management organization and management system.
2.0 Major advantages of Project-based Business
For enterprises, project management can help them to improve in many ways.
1. Project Management let the whole process orderly, controllable.
Process planning, control, the results are reviewed, the historical work can be traced back, the target quality, product quality, quality of service is guaranteed.

2. Project management to ensure product quality.
Product quality involves many factors, including: staff capacity, mutual cooperation, attitude, supervision, inspection, improvement, release, etc., any link problems, product quality

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