Make Lemonade By Lewis Wolff

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What makes a family a family? Families are all different. Having a family does not always include having both a mother and father. Sometimes having a family is a group of coworkers or friends from school. Not everyone has a traditional family. Virginia Euwer Wolff’s story Make Lemonade demonstrates how even through hard times, the needs of the family will always come first and sacrifices made to reach a goal. Both LaVaughn and Jolly can relate to this in many ways such as LaVaughn’s mom supporting her future goals, Jolly supporting her family at a young age, and LaVaughn’s commitment towards Jollys children.

Having family support helps you achieve your goals. On page 10 LaVaughn asks her mom is she can go to college someday and her mom’s reply is, “You go to college, you make me prouder than I been in my whole life. That's the truth LaVaughn. I tell you.” LaVaughn's mother says this because she wants her to go to college and have a good future and achieve her goals. She’s supporting the fact that her daughter wants a good future. Similarly on
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On page 7 Jollys says over and over to LaVaughn, “I can’t do it alone no longer, see, I’ll get fired, it's a good job, I work for the factory, you work for me, Jilly and Jeremy can count on you being here, I can’t do it alone.” Jolly straight out says that she can’t do it alone. In a way she’s asking LaVaughn for help. Jolly also Also on page 7 LaVaughn is telling the readers, “Jolly turns out to be 17.” This quote proves that Jolly is young for having two kids already. Even though it might’ve not been Jollys fault, it still shows that When LaVaughn asks if Jolly a relative lady was still living on page 155 he response is “Not anymore, She’s dead.” This proves that Jolly is on her own. She has no relatives whatsoever but she still thrives to make it on her own. To conclude, supporting a family shows much responsibility for
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