Making The Declaration Of Independence Chapter Summaries

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The American Scripture: Making the Declaration of Independence is a book describing the American independence and the process that led to the development of the Declaration of Independence. Maier divides the book into four chapters with each containing different and yet complementary topics surrounding the Declaration. Chapter I analyzes the decision made by the Second continental congress to declare independence and the conditions surrounding it. In Chapter II Maier examines “other declarations of Independence” proposed by colonies and towns that explains and justifies the American people’s sentiment in independence from Great Britain. Chapter III focuses on Thomas Jefferson’s role in drafting the Declaration of Independence and the contributions put forth by different members of the drafting committee. The last Chapter of the book deals with the change in how Americans viewed the Declaration between 1776 and the Civil War, concluding with how …show more content…

Thus, proving that, despite there being issues between Great Britain and the American colonies, the colonists still hoped to salvage their relationship with the mother country. More resentment of George III started to grow in the colonies. Despite the increasing development of American opinion concerning independence the Second Continental Congress sent out multiple addresses and petitions to settle the differences with Great Britain. After George III’s rejection of the Second Continental Congress’s Olive Branch Petition and a petition from the City of London that asked him to bring honorable peace before turning the British arms against the colonists, there was a general sense that it was time for Independence. The colonists were very insistent that it was King George III, who abandoned and forfeited his authority over them, leaving them no choice but to declare completer

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