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Hello Waukee! This is Kylee Kilgore from Minneapolis, MN and am very excited to see your show, The Persistence of Time, as you take the field. I have the honor and privilege of adjudicating you on both your visual and musical aspects tonight here at Valley stadium for ValleyFest Showdown. I wish you guys the best of luck and hope my comments can be of use as you prepare next week for state. Well here we go!
I just want to say first, that I love how you get on the field and your first opening set with the platforms making the minute and hour hands and the roman numerals placed around them. I love how everyone is scattered around the platforms and roman numerals with the two guard dancing down both hands. Very neat effect. Then here as we get into the marching of the show your fluttering to get next to the platforms is very consistent across the board. When you 're picking up the platform are you guys bending down and picking them up, or is your back straight? I can 't tell what everyone is doing. When you move the platform you need to make sure that you keep in time, although your marching technique still needs to
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WOW! What a fantastic marching band. I saw many great things out on the field today. Your show definitely engages your audience. Just remember that all throughout the show you have to give your best energy to give your best show. Control your energy, so your not getting tired and running out of energy at the end. Basically all of movement four has very high intensity tempos with lots of movement. You need to show the audience that you 're not giving in to the fast tempos and movement. That you can do it without getting tired and giving up. Having pride and loving what you do on the field, whether it be your love of music, marching, or the concept of your show can greatly impact your performance. All of that will engage the audience whether you have a bad run. Thank you again, Waukee for allowing me to adjudicate and experience your show. It was
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