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The sun began its assent, illuminating the soon to be dreary winter day as well as the few vibrant, resilient leaves still clinging to life upon the trees. I would often refer to these resilient leaves as foolish for wishing to cling to such a life, yet I would continue to admire their beauty despite their condition. The sun’s rays of warmth and comfort swept across my face bringing me to consciousness to appreciate its radiance and everlasting life. I reluctantly swung my feet around and stood on my wooden floor to start my day. The wood felt most coarse in the morning, especially during those cold winter months, which gave me a greater sense of awareness and an easier transition from dream to reality. Stretching every fiber of my body, I …show more content…

Four years. Four years I’ve lived with essentially strangers whom I help from time to time, four years I’ve lived without uttering a single sentence of truly any meaning to Margaret Vance. Four years of living essentially alone. While I always thought to myself that I should step out of my shell of comfort in hopes of perhaps sparking a long-lasting friendship or relationship, the thought of knowing someone often struck fear and anxiety into my heart. Pushing these thoughts aside, I made my way to my old worn down, tattered barn, which stood roughly one-quarter of a mile from my front door step to tend to the few cows I had to my name. The majority of the grass in and around the village had already made its way to the distinct deceased shade of brown, and the few patches of somewhat vivacious grass in appearance had begun their metamorphosis to death. There was a light hustle and bustle of the villagers, due to the day still awakening, and I offered a few friendly waves of hello as I passed, which all whom I had offered returned.
“Perhaps I should finally get to know my neighbors; they actually seem somewhat decent”, I thought to

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