Mark Wolf: A Short Story

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Inferior Transformation As the football game came to a close, you can tell Mark Wolf was becoming slowly more and more tired. His wrinkled face and gray hair perpetuates his exhausted expressions to be even more extreme. He sat in front of me slouched and expressionless. He settled back into worn couch where the leather had faded to a light tan color in comparison to the rest of the chocolate brown couch, the kind of chocolate brown that would remind a child of his favorite candy bar. As I inquired his lack of emotion changed to nostalgia as he let the memories of his high school experience pour out of his mouth. Mark wolf began his high school journey at Campbell County High School. “Quiet, very shy, laidback and liked to be unnoticed,” His description of himself during high school reminds him of his children now in school. Mark stayed that way for the rest of his high school career. Mark tended to stay out of trouble “keeping his nose straight always,” he added. With the exception of the first day of his freshman year he was sent to the principal's office due to his unruly locks being in violation of the dress code. “ A great start to my freshman year!” he added jokingly. …show more content…

He went on to tell me about how he lived in a graveyard and to pay for living there his family would do landscaping and would take care of the graves which consumed their time entirely. Therefore he had no time for sports and when asked about what sports he would have tried out for he said he would have tried out for every single one. Mark being the father of three, two of which currently enrolled in Randall Cooper High School, responded with “ I hope we beat the crap out of them,” when asked about how he feels when he sees the Campbell County High School sports

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