The Shipping News Quoyle Character Analysis

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Quoyle formally known as insecure, passive and a failure, used to value other’s opinions more than his own. He viewed himself as he was defined by his father and had the tendency to settle for less than he deserved. Over the course of his story, Quoyle slowly starts to uncover his strengths and come to terms with who he truly is. As the novel “The Shipping News” written by Annie Proulx comes to an end, the protagonist Quoyle has developed into a more strong and confident man, which reflects through his new formed relationships, personality and his changed perspective of himself internally as well as externally. Throughout his life Quoyle had always valued other opinions about himself more than his own. He used other’s words and perceptions…show more content…
All through the novel Quoyle had a bizarre habit which he developed throughout his childhood due to his insecurity of his size and value as a person. Any situation with the least bit of discomfort and potential confrontation Quoyle would place his hand over his chin. This habit was Quoyle veiling his face as if he was shielding or hiding himself from possible confrontation or conflict or just eye contact and judgment from others. However near the end of the novel Quoyle slowly starts ridding himself of his habit. The moment that landmarks his change is when, after a bath, Quoyle stands in front of the bath, staring at and for the first time accepting his naked body. He used to see himself as disgusting, ugly on the inside and outside. However now since his “inside”, personality has developed, he sees himself in a different light, physically as well. “Yet the effect was more of strength than obesity. He pulled on the grey nightshirt which was torn under the arms and clung to his wet back. Again, about of joy passed through him. For no reason.” (327) Quoyle is powerful and strong. His perspective of himself has altered so drastically that all his perception has altered as well. He is able to translate his changes physically, mentally and
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