Martin Luther And The Reformation

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The Reformation was a period during the sixteenth century in which new ideas were being formed and circulated throughout the communities that resulted in the inevitable breakup of the Church. The Reformation occurred during the Enlightenment along with the ideologies of the Age of Reason, which contributed to the downfall of the Church. In addition to the Enlightenment’s ideas, technology advanced. For instance, the newly invented printing press spread information much faster than before, which played an important role during the Reformation by educating many about Reformist ideas. Before the reformists came into play, Roman Catholicism was the predominant form of Christianity in Europe. The Church was still in a high position of power from the previous period, the Middle Ages, a fact that would soon change. Famous figures such as Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Henry VIII would question the Church 's authority and forever change how Christianity was viewed. After Martin Luther, there would be a new branch of Christianity known as Protestantism. He redefined the Christian Doctrine. Sola Fide, Wars, and the Protestant denominations, prompted by Martin Luther’s actions and ideas, molded Western Civilization (Elton).

Part II Martin Luther was born on November 10, 1483 in Saxony to Hans Luther and Margarethe Luther. He attended the University of Erfurt in 1501, at the age of nineteen. After receiving his master’s degree in 1505, Luther entered the study of law by his father’s

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