Martin Luther King Jr And Mlk Similarities

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Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. were two of the most prominent American Civil Rights Movement figures. While both men had similar goals of achieving racial equality and ending segregation, they had different approaches and philosophies that set them apart. They have grown up with different social backgrounds. In the Georgian city of Atlanta, M.L. King was born in 1929. He is a Catholic. At Atlanta's Ebenezer Baptist Church, his father served as a minister. Martin Luther King Jr. enrolled at Morehouse College at the age of fifteen. Next In 1948, he graduated from there. He had a good education. While pursuing his doctorate studies at Boston Doctorate School in 1953, Martin Luther King Jr. married Coretta Scott. They had four children. On …show more content…

He even faced racism at a very young age. However, Martin Luther King Jr. had a much better childhood than Malcolm X did. Sir Malcolm X and Sir Martin Luther King had similarities and differences, as did all of us. For instance, both of them fought for Black Lives Matter (Black Nationalism) and had the same goals and justice for black America; what's more, both were murdered at the age of 39. On the other hand, the most outstanding difference between them is how they worked to accomplish their goals. For example, Sir King always followed a non-violent way to solve problems, while Sir Malcolm X always chose a way that equality can be achieved in any way if it is necessary, which means he approved of being violent. It is mostly because they have grown up with completely different social backgrounds. However, M.L. King saw the world from a good perspective to win equal rights for his people, while Sir Malcolm X saw the world in timid anger and from a revengeful perspective. In my opinion, I believe the procedure of how Martin Luther King protested is the best way to win equal rights. He always chose peace over

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