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Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther King Jr was born in Atlanta, Georgia on January 15, 1929. His real name was Michael Luther King Jr intel they renamed him to Martin Luther King Jr. He was the first son and the 2 or 3 children born. His mother was a teacher and she taught him how to read when he wasn`t even in school. He was moving through school fast and he was 15 when he graduated from High school. He skipped 9th grade and 11th grade at his high school. He graduated from his high school of Booker T. Washing High School. When he was 17 he spoke in public and it was speech he first down. Martin Luther King Jr. was down with high school then he graduates from college at age 19-year-old. The name of the college was Morehouse College on June 21, 1948. In 1951 he went to Boston University. …show more content…

Then in 1955 he received his P.D from the Boston University. When Rosa Parks was arrested Dr. King became the leader of the boycott in Alabama and that was a big help for the black and whites because what Martin Luther King Jr did to make the boycott. In1951 he was awarded from the B.D. In the 1950s Dr. King was elected for president for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Early in December of 1955 he was the first black person nonviolent demonstration and Dr. King accepted it.
In 1958 Dr. King was all most killed from a stab wound from a book tour in Harlem, NY and the person's name was Izola Ware Curry and the person had a gun. He was going to be killed by a letter opener. In 1955 he became the civil rights movement intel his death. King traveled six million miles and spoke over 25 hundred times. Dr. King wrote 5 books and one of them was called I Have a Dream. There were about 20 books written about Dr. King and Some of them were wrote by Martin Luther King

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