Martin Luther King's Impact On African American Culture

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Martin Luther King has had a very definite impact on African American culture with his well doing. His speech in my opinion was very understandable. It made a lot of racial believers think twice. It opened the eyes to knew a idea for those who was blinded by the concept that African Americans were uncivilised sub-humans. Martin Luther King made it possible for people not to look down on ''Blacks'' but to live in a brotherhood were everyone is treated as one. Which later in life became a dream come true. I know that blacks will never have a fair chance in life like other races, which is very unfair. Black people by far has it the worst when it comes to independent

Martin Luther King made tried his best for people not to judge one another. In Martin's speech he spoke with a very dominant tone of voice so people could be intimidated, And take him seriously. The speech states'' I have a dream that one day this nation withh rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed.'' His tone of voice in this sentence was very supreme to make listeners feel scarce. Which I believe had alot todo with todays society and how it changed people subconscious mindset. Discrimination in general comes to show you that people should be more open and accepting to other races that aren't white. Schools should teach kids that every should have a say …show more content…

The speech he recited was very stop on and hit alot of key points to get people second guessing. I now know that blacks will never have a fair chance in life compared to other ethnicities. How far long African Americans has come to free life is a fight to never forget. As hard as it maybe racism should come to a closing and acknowledge the similarites that us as human beans share. Civil rights leaders such as Rosa Parks and Malcolm X set a good example for those who thought less of black

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