Marx And Engels In The Communist Manifesto By Karl Marx

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Karl Marx wrote The Communist Manifesto with the help of Friedrich Engels in 1848 making this document a primary source. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were very different people and from very different backgrounds. Karl Marx was most recognized of the socialist movement, he was an intellectual thinker and did not work in a factory, had radical ideas and felt like it was his responsibility to lead the masses. Friedrich Engels on the other hand was raised a round a cotton processing plant, in which his father owned, so he was making money off the industrial revolution, and considered socialism is an economic system rather than a political system. Engels supported Marx for the most part. This document, including four sections, covers the main ideas of the text in the first two sections. Throughout they explain what is wrong with the social class system and what needs to be changed to make it better. In The Communist Manifesto Marks and Engels look at class struggles and …show more content…

This section covers, people in the middle class, bourgeois, and the working class as whole, proletarians. Marx starts out this section of the document saying, “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.” He says this in saying that in society there has always been a constant battle between people who are well off and the people that are not so well off. Marx believes that the middle class, bourgeois, whom own things such as land will forever try to keep the proletarians down so that they may never become middle class. Through this section he keeps going back to the fact that this system of bourgeois always trying to keep the proletarians from rising up will lead in conflict and then later lead to revolution. He explains that instead of being in a society where your class is decided by how much you own, socialism, they should move towards a society where there are not class distributions, communism

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