Wollstronecraft's Argument Or Still Relevent Today?

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Over the two and half centuries ago, Mary Wollstronecraft argued strongly for the education of woman. Is her argument still relevent today?

Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman is the response to the French writer Charles Maurice De Talleyrand. According to Talleyrand, women should be given education but it should be limited. In her response, She clarifies that women’s lack of reasoning power is not because they are biologically incapable of it, but because they are not given the equal opportunity to pursue their education. Women were deprived of education two and half centuries ago and even today, mainly due to the social, cultural and religious norms.
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Gegory’s about women conducts intended for his daughter is a significant prove that men were the reason for women lacking education and reasoning power(Wollstonecraft, 1792). The other factor affecting the right to education for woman is religion. The threat of violence against women is still rampant in many parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan where women and girls are denied to access of education and face threats of violence if they defy orders to stay home ( Smith,K ). Because those people who thinks that educating a women is against the religion or “Islam”. According to Smith, in his article Shafia and her husband send their daughter to school in a small village in southeast Afghanistan, despite the threat from conservative community members who don’t believe girls need education. The members of a local militant group killed shafia’s husband for letting their daughter to school( Smith, K). This kind of religion notion which affects the education of girl or woman.
For instance, in January 2009 Taliban ordered to close all the girls’ school in Pakistan .The Talibans were against girls education and killed most of them (Lewis, 2013). In october 9, 2012, Malala was shot by two Taliban gunman when she try to voice for education of girl and scenario around her. Such barbaric act indicates men’s Intolerance to women’s education in the name of religion and God. Still today women of those communities are fighting for freedom to get

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