Maryland State Constitution Pros And Cons

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Redmond Peiro Ms. Smith Maryland State Constitution Paper 9 February, 2016 In the months preceding the American Revolution, a convention was held in Annapolis between a number of Maryland’s most powerful men in which to discuss the development of a new government. In addition to this, they sent representatives to the Continental Congress to finalize pre-war preparations. On July 3, 1776 the convention agreed that a new group was to be created to draw up their first state constitution as the old ad hoc government structure was considered inadequate. “That all government of right originates from the people, is founded in compact only, and instituted solely for the good of the whole.” This is the first statement made, it seems clear that this new constitution was going to focus on benefiting solely the people, not a king. The document began drafting on August 14th, and adjourned November 11th. This constitution determined a bicameral legislature consisting of the Maryland House of Delegates and Maryland State Senate, also known as the Maryland General Assembly. …show more content…

The citizens vote on the House of Delegates, and indirectly vote on the Senate, through the senatorial electors, chosen every five years. The Senate was composed of nine men from the Western shore and six from the Eastern

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