Masculinity In Jackson Katz's Film Tough Guise Two

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Jackson Katz’s film Tough Guise 2 seeks to expose how the media promotes a toxic ideology behind what makes a man masculine and show that it is a social construct. For decades print, television, videogames, and film have presented masculinity in a way that makes men think the only way to be manly is to be emotionally unavailable, sexually aggressive, and violent. This ideology has been a curse on culture in America and many other countries around the world. “We're not living in the Wild West. We're not a Third World nation” (Katz). The days of warrior culture, where a man had to protect his family from being pillaged in the dead of night, are long past us. However, the media promotes an ideology that men must still be prepared to answer the …show more content…

Ideology as common sense is forcing people to operate with a system of traces that they have no inventory for. His theory is that perpetuating an ideology works best when the people you are trying to control do not know what they don’t know. The people know part of the story, but they do not know the whole story. This theory of ideology explains why the ideology of toxic masculinity was able to spread so far and so deeply into our culture. The media uses the now mythic symbols of masculinity to enforce their ideologies. What the general public does not know, in relation to the spread of the ideology enforcing toxic standards for masculinity, is the way. People do not know why men are expected to act in a violent way, they just assume that is has always been this way and as such they perpetuate the idea. People do not like to seem stupid, so even if someone does not know why something is the way it is, like why men should be violent, they still believe and understand it as a truth because they assume that is the way it has always been. Men in American culture have been using a system of values with no idea why for far too long. Their minds have been corrupted by an evil ideology that forces them to value themselves by how violent they can

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