Maslow's Hierarchy Case Study

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Maslow’s Hierarchy is a triangle with five different stages and the triangle is split in half, one side is External and the other side is Internal. The external side/needs is professional (lives include things as careers) and the internal side/needs is personal (lives are our physical and spiritual well-being, our values, and our personal relationships. The first four levels are known as deficiency needs and the top level is know as growth or being needs. The Pursuit of Happyness is about a guy named Chris and he don’t have enough money to help him pay for his rent and the parking tickets. Chris carries around a bone density scanner, to sell, so that he can get more money and he also is going around to different places to find a job. We will …show more content…

This is where you’re achieving one’s full potential, including creative activities. Christopher helps to motivate Chris to realize his full potential in life by working to get the job of the dreams. When Chris got to this level, it happened at the end of the movie. He reached his goal, got the job, after all of the hardships and became a millionaire. Also, he used the rubik 's cube to show his knowledge and challenges himself and is able to figure it out. I think the way the movie is spelled because, when Chris went to go pick his son up from daycare, on the wall happiness was spell “Happyness” and this word signified Chris’ pursuit of happiness. In conclusion, this showed Chris’ struggle with Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and achieved full happiness, by achieving his dream job. This also showed some of the bad decisions he made and tried to fix them, then ended up in poverty. He also made some good decisions and it helped him get more money, to help him and his son. Also, he made a good decision by going in, working hard to get the internship. By the end, all of the struggles he had, it lead him to having good success and in be in poverty

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