Matthew Liver Case Study

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Another proven false confession, Wayne and Sharmon Stock were found shot to death in an upstairs bedroom in April 17, 2006. Police had no leads, so they focused the investigation toward the family. More than a few family member suggested that Matthew Livers a 29 year-old, had a tough relationship with his Uncle Wayne and wasn’t much liked by his Aunt Sharmon. Authorities also connected Livers cousin Nicholas Sampson a 28 year-old with first-degree murder. During Livers interrogation by investigators from the Cass County Sheriff’s Office and Nebraska State Patrol for nearly 11 hour without a lawyer, put a lot of pressure towards Matthew to give the detective what they wanted. Throughout his interrogation he was told to “the only way to earn …show more content…

Drizin, “this is the worst case of tunnel vision I’ve ever seen in a police murder investigation”. (Drizin pg2) I would agree, the fabrication of evidence, the misuse of the reid technique and wrongfully imprisoning Matthew Liver for 8 months is unrighteous. Obviously, the ethical demeanor and discretion implicates that police officer want to close a case. It is not a coincidence that the police officer involved in this case fabricated the evidence for his own reward. Subsequently, imprisoning an innocent man who desperately wanted to go home but was coerced to confess to a crime he did not commit. I also observed the interrogation videotape, mainly focusing in on the confession, and how he described the killing of Wayne and Sharmon Stocks. Throughout, the video I witness liver legs fully extended and periodically he would cross his feet. He had his right arm up to his face and he would constantly scratch his forehead as he continues to give detail of what happened to the detectives. He was seated between the two detectives, I noticed how his voice never really changes throughout the interview, and it seemed as if he didn’t care and wanted the interview to end. Drizin quote “people who are mentally impaired, prone to suggestion or easily persuaded are prime candidates for making false confessions under the Reid Technique”. (Drizin pg2) He also states the “Matt Livers has a low intellect ability, and people like that ten to be more compliant, more willing and eager to please their interrogators”. (Drizin pg2) Ultimately, the Reid Technique worked on Liver, but in a deviated way, after he repeatedly pronounce his innocents. I can sense the nervousness in his voice, as he started fidgeting. I’m aware that detective take these as indicator of deception and believes he is on the right track. As a result you can see on the videotape Matthew Livers being fed information about this crime. At one point, Liver couldn’t remember the

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