Maui Legend

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The Maori legend about Maui pulling out New Zealand is very similar to the legend of Maui pulling out the Hawaiian islands. In both myths Maui pulls out a fish that eventually turns to be an island(s). From all the information and different legends or myths the two legends that I'm comparing are totally different and the same at the same time. In the New Zealand legend Maui. was a Demi god, more talented than the others, and better in general than his four brothers Roto, Mua, Pae and Taha. Maui four brothers were jealous and schemed to go on a fishing trip WITHOUT Maui. The brothers not being discreet at all didn't notice Maui heard every bit of the plan. So Maui hid under the canoes floorboards that night. The next day Mauis four brothers …show more content…

The fish's body comes up and turns into the islands, Hawaii, Niihau and Kauai. When the rest of the fish's body is out of the water they turn into the islands of Oahu lanai and Molokai. The rest of the whole fish comes up to creating kahoolawe and Maui. Maui is so excited and tells his mom and sister. There proud and happy, but hungry. Maui explains that these eight islands were fished out because they are all blessed and full of food so they could have a long lasting feast. . As you can see the two myths/legends are similar but the relationships and characters are very different. In the Both legends Maui go’s on a long tiring fishing trip with his brothers and that's where he fishes the island(s). The Hawaiian legend Maui and his brothers decided to go together and got along and enjoyed echothers company. The Maori legend Mauis brothers despise him and are jealous and planned to go without him, but Maui over hears and hides under the floorboards. Also in the Hawaiian legend, they bring up Maui's parents but in the Maori legend, they don't even talk about them. The ,moari legend seems to have some hate in the relationship and also a lot of tension. The Hawaiian legend seems more laid-back peaceful and there's nice

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