Mba 501 Persuasive Paper

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“Persuasive Paper : US investor conducting business in Indonesia”

Kenneth Victorian

Global Business Communication and Research / MBA 501

November 15, 2015

S. Umit Kucuk, PhDAbstract : 150-200 Words. Preferable after finish paper
Intro : Why pick this country and introduce this country The reason I choose Indonesia and United States as a topic country in this paper because not only Indonesia is my home country but also I think Indonesia as developing country has high prospect of investment for investor from United States as developed country. According to statistic that released by Miniwatts Marketing Group (2015), Indonesia is the forth largest populated country in the world and just one rank below United States. Based …show more content…

Indonesia can be considered as high power distance culture with score of 78 in power distance that indicate Indonesia culture exercise hierarchy structure in their society. This lead to superiority of centralized power in both career and daily life such as in the work place and school. The manager or teacher have absolute power above worker or student that it is expected both employee or student have complete obedience toward manager or teacher instruction and order which create one way communication. Normally in this type of high power distance society, people sometimes feel more reserved and submissive toward their superior due unable to respond or talk back to the superior. They can be seen as powerful and respected because of the control and power that they hold which lead to inequality among other people. While United States can be considered as low power distance culture with score of 40 in power distance that indicate United States culture don’t exercise much hierarchy structure in the society. In their culture, the employer or teacher are expected to talk and doing consultation with their employee or student that enable to improve each other better through two way communication which sometimes its is common for lower position to correct the action or behavior of higher

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