Mccandless's Journey In Into The Wild, By Jon Krakauer

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Reason for the Journey
Going on a journey often can be the best way to find the purpose of life. Christopher McCandless is the main character of Into The Wild written by Jon Krakauer (1996) who goes on a very interesting journey to find his purpose of life. Christopher left his comfort zone of as middle-high class in order to experience the adventure in Alaska alone. Into The Wild is a story that reflects Christopher’s values and possible reason for Christopher’s unique journey.
Christopher finds delight through adventure. Word ‘adventure’ appears over and over again in the novel. Christopher, indeed, is a character who enjoys adventure. In fact, the best way to describe his life to others is the word adventure. To him every aspect of life …show more content…

Chris’ parents were wealthy enough to offer anything that Chris needed as young adult. They were able to provide the comfortable house, education, and healthy food; however, Chris believed that he had to abandon what society and family provides for the modern civilization in order to truly experience the beauty of life which would be possible reason why he left to go Alaska to experience nature, a place without civility. As he enjoys the adventure, Chris recommended to Ronald, one of his friend whom he met during the journey, to “adopt a helter-skelter style of life that will appear to be crazy” at some point if Ronald “wants to get more out of life” meaning that Chris did found true happiness through his new experiences of the voyage (Krakauer 1996 P. 57). Chris obviously did not have as much as resources as he had with his parents during the journey. However, even without much resources he found more …show more content…

During his first journey, he found out about a big secret that his parents hide to Christopher and his sister: the fact that their parents had an affair and gave birth to the siblings before Chris’ father married to his mother. Chris was very shocked to find out that fact and was very disappointed that his father lied to them. As Chris’ sister mention when something “bothered him, he wouldn’t come right out and say it”, Chris would “keep it to himself, harboring his resentment, letting the bad feelings build and build” (Krakauer 1996 P. 122). Finding out the dark secret that his parents hide from him would be a huge shock. He might have felt betrayal for their wrongdoing; however, even after he encounters his parents after his first journey to LA, where he found about the secret, he does not question or mention about the affair. The second journey to Alaska might be his way to find a peaceful place to think about how he would react to that fact and how he wants to behave to their

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