Mcmurphy Case Study

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McMurphy: According to the behavior and mental processes displayed by the patient, one may ascertain that McMurphy is suffering from a manic episode. Bipolar disorder is characterized by an individual having cycles of both manic and depressed episodes. McMurphy’s irritability, sex drive, and reckless behavior all point to him experiencing a manic episode. First, McMurphy is very quick to anger; not only does he make it his mission to fight Nurse Ratched, he also is quick to anger with the other patients. He gets frustrated with Martini while they are playing cards and he becomes very angry with the others around him when they do not tell him that he is not going to be released when his sentence is over. McMurphy is also addicted to sex. When he first enters the hospital it is said that he is one to, “fight and fuck too much.” Secondly, the first action he takes after escaping from the hospital is to go get his…show more content…
Symptoms include a disregard for right and wrong, violating the rights of others, and a lack of empathy. The main indication that Nurse Ratchet has antisocial personality disorder is that she hurts others to achieve her means and does not feel any remorse about it. She plays people’s biggest weaknesses against them, like she always does with Billy. In the moments after Billy had sex and he was actually feeling confident, she brought up his mother so that she was able to control him; it was this mention of his mother that made Billy kill himself, yet Nurse Ratchet felt no remorse for her actions. Something else that she does that proves she has no idea of right and wrong is that when people do not do what she wants, she sends them to get electroshock therapy or lobotomies. This woman literally tortures and kills people and feels nothing from it: no guilt, no empathy, and no
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