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November, 2015 Social media and its vague credibility Thesis Statement: Social media is not a reliable source of news because of its vulnerability to fake information, lack of validation, and the journalists’ inclusion of biases. Nowadays, people would not do something the traditional way, most especially, if there is a shortcut, less energy-requiring. The ever-busy world, which continuously develops, created people who lack patience, who are always up for instants—instants such as instant updates. They are always eager to know what has just happened or what is currently happening. Because of the power of technology, people find it more convenient to check news online since it is immediately updated. Just a few minutes after a certain event, its details are already published. They can learn about the news whenever they want, wherever they are, through their gadgets; since almost everyone has his/her own laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Through minimal number of clicks and scrolls over their newsfeeds, they can easily know what is going on in the world. Thus, most people use the social media as their main source of news. Around 50% of the people who rely on the internet as their basis for news, say that they use Twitter and Facebook as their source. (“Social Media News Outlets vs. Traditional News,” 2015). Facebook users can learn about the news immediately, since the site gives an array of suggestions of numerous news outlets. According to a research, people who uses

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