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CPC Medical Coding – Pros and Cons CPC Medical coding is possibly an excellent choice for a certification and a profession. A variety of possibilities await anyone interested in the certification and a profession. A Certified Professional Coder or CPC has demonstrated to be lucrative as well as an essential profession to the healthcare industry. Medical coders and medical billers work side by side, even though many people confuse these professions as the same thing, medical coders and billers have different responsibilities exclusively. There are numerous software programs currently that aid with medical coding, still, the demand for medical coders is growing. The medical field can’t always rely on computers, so coders will always be needed. More companies hire individuals who are competent to …show more content…

Unlike nursing, medical coding has nothing to do with saving lives. Medical coding to put it in simplest terms, is a clerical job. But, it is a profession that must have a certified individual, subsequently, any discrepancies from the coder could mean potential harm to both patient and medical facility. Additionally, medical coding is a profession that necessitates an elevated level of detail-oriented work. Not everyone possesses the skills to pay attention to minute details. That’s why medical coding is not a profession just for anyone. In fact, before anyone could call themselves a certified medical coder, one must go through a certification exam first. Certification exams like the CPC or Certified Professional Coder exams encourage at the least an Associate’s Degree before applying for the certification exam. Moreover, the CPC’s will have 150 questions that come from numerous medical and healthcare system subjects. These topics can range from Anatomy and Biology to Medical Terminologies and System Security. Every single ambitious medical coder is recommended to take review classes before taking the

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