Medieval Knight Research Paper

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Andrew Cho
Professor Yvonne Rivera
November 19, 2015
The Medieval Knight In the modern day, medieval knights in the past are depicted as elite warriors with metal armor for protection and having attributes of having loyalty, honour, faith and courage. Although this is true, there are much more to being a knight and the history that come with it. During the Middle Ages, knights are actually in the upper class in their society. They would often partake in aristocracy in government and maintain land given to them by the lord. They also have high authority in the military and are very skilled in combat. They are well educated by priests of the church and their religion is Christianity. Also knights were very respected by women in chivalry …show more content…

In some rare cases, people outside of nobility could be knighted when they are awarded from a lord. Before children are trained to become a knight they are cared by until the age of 7 at the castle or manor. Then they are given the title of page and are taken care of by their lords. During training period they are taught by hunters to hone their abilities and educated with academic studies by priests or chaplains. Once at the age of 14 or 15, they are bestowed the title of squire. A squire was the shield and armor bearer of a knight. Often times, squires acted as knight’s errand runner or servant. They would help prepare a saddle for a horse and put armor for the horse; squire would care for the knight’s armor and weapons, he would replace any damaged parts. They would do simple tasks and would sometimes carry the knight’s flag into battle with his master. This would be a very important part as a squire because it was knight’s honor. Some other jobs a squire would partake include guarding prisoners and ensuring an honorable burial for a deceased knight. A knight would often take his squire into the battlefield to prove his worth and skills. Once he proved his loyalty and skill in battle, he would partake in the dubbing or knighting ceremony by a lord that made him a …show more content…

Although Knights would be considered a lower class of nobility than a lord; the daily life of a knight in the Middle Ages centered around castles, Manors, and battlefields of war. Much of a knight’s time would be spent on honing his weapons skills and keeping his level of high fitness by exercising his swordsmanship skills. A knight would have 3 meals a day, breakfast, mid-morning meal, and finally supper. A knight was expected to follow Chivalry and courtly love in a party. In the afternoon, knights would increase their skills in horsemanship and accompany their lords for inspecting, hawking, or hunting the area. After supper there might be some entertainment such as music, dancing, and

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