Meeting Of Joachim And Anna Vs. The Annunciation Analysis

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The Meeting of Joachim and Anna vs. The Annunciation While studying Renaissance art, particularly Italian art spanning from the 14th century through the 16th century, many similarities can be noted throughout paintings by various artists, yet major differences and variances can also be detected when it comes to the style that each artist chose to pursue. Each painting holds its own importance and displays its own outstanding aspects that make it great regardless of style. In Giotto di Bondone’s painting of The Meeting of Joachim and Anna from the Arena Chapel in Padua, Italy, the technique known as fresco was used. This type of painting technique uses colors that are applied to fresh plaster. Once these colors set and dry, the painting then becomes a …show more content…

The use of the fresco technique when painting, usually produces a matte-like finish once it has dried, a trait that can be noted when analyzing Bondone’s painting, The Meeting of Joachim and Anna. On the other hand, Simone Martini’s painting, The Annunciation, shows the opposite finish of Bondone’s painting, because The Annunciation is considered to be very elegant, and includes a gold background, which enhances its brilliance. This is mainly because The Annunciation was painted in tempera and gold leaf on wooden panels, the opposite of a fresco painting. The use of tempera and gold leaf added immense sophistication and brilliance to Martini’s painting, something that Bondone’s painting was lacking. While Bondone’s painting has a matte finish which can be associated with the Florentine style of art, and Martini’s painting has more of an elegant finish,

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