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In the Mendocino area I know of one major tribe the Pomo. My knowledge of this tribe is limited I do not know much about their culture. The main things which I do know about the Pomo Indians is that they are well known for the basket weaving and would travel from inland villages to the coast. There is a lot of historical information on the Pomo’s in Mendocino although I do not know how accurate most of this information actually is. There are several historical middens on the Mendocino coast which mainly contain sea shells but on occasion you can find arrow heads. The Pomo Indians are well known for their basket weaving abilities. I am not sure if this was wide spread throughout indigenous tribes or if the Pomos were just significantly better at it then most of the local tribes in my area. The Pomos were able to weave baskets that were both beautiful and functional. They often had elaborate designs on them and were extremely strong. They were able to weave the baskets so tight that they could hold water and they could even cook with them my dropping hot rocks in to the baskets. In the past couple years there has been several Basket weaving workshops by members of the Pomo tribe to help keep their basket weaving skills alive in the community. …show more content…

I spent a lot of my child hood in the ford house looking at the different exhibits one of which was about the Pomo Indians but it was mainly about their baskets. Another big part of the exhibit was about how the Pomo had collect a lot of artifacts from the wreck of The Frolic. The frolic was one of the main reasons people came to Mendocino as they were searching for the wreck which had goods from china. When they got to Mendocino they did not find the wreck but they did find redwoods and that the Indian tribes had the goods from china. I do not know what happened to the Indians after they found the goods from

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