Mental Health Nursing Personal Statement

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Growing up I have always had the passion to help people but my interest in mental health nursing came about whilst serving in the army when I had the opportunity to experience first-hand the immerse contribution psychiatrist nurse made in the life of a close friend of mine who had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder which had driven him to the point of severe depression. Personally I wanted to do more for my friend and his family. I did all my best to support him through the crisis by providing him a listening ear, encouraging and continually offering him reassurance. My experience with my friend made me to understand and appreciate the importance of being sensitive and responsive to the needs of people will mental illness. This experience led me to take up part time job as a carer in a nursing home for people suffering with dementia. In my line of work, I always make sure I listen and talk with service users in a way that makes them feel respected, valued and safe. I always sort to establish rapport with the service users in order to adequately identify and attend to their needs. I believe that supporting service users to maximise their potentials helps them to live independent lives …show more content…

Having worked as healthcare assistant, I have come to understand and appreciate the various challenges faced by nurses in line of work. Nevertheless, I have gained satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment from having to support and care for people which I believe has made significant difference in their lives. As a result of this, I would like to develop my skills and knowledge in mental health nursing in order to provide enhanced care for service users and also my fellow soldiers who are suffering from post-traumatic stress and their

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