Mental Illness And Religion Essay

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This article examines correlations between religion and spirituality as a recovery method for mental illness. Anxiety, suicide, psychosis, depression, and substance abuse are the focus in this article. Koenig highlights current studies that cast a positive view of religion as treatment for mentally-ill patients, and as a coping method for anyone in an unhealthy emotional state. The author claims that religious affiliation has the potential to provide comfort, optimism, sense of control, and a supportive community to an individual suffering from mental illness. Koenig’s results uncovered negative and positive relationships between mental illnesses and religion, although, more positive findings were identified. Koenig states that mentally-ill patients whose illnesses saw no improvement were usually among those with little religious involvement, those with a predisposed …show more content…

The authors begin by providing a foundation of statistics of mental illness on college campuses. Collins and Mowbray’s study obtained a sample containing counselling directors from 587 United States schools. Participants were given an eight page survey evaluating the level of mental illness education on their campus. The quality of the services provided on their campuses was also taken into account. Collins and Mowbray’s results show that the treatment and opportunities of those with mental illness are gradually improving, however, the education of mental illness is still lacking on college campuses. Therefore, Collins and Mowbray suggest more to be done for individuals with mental illness on college campuses. For my research paper, this article will be beneficial by providing details of why it is necessary to meet the needs of people suffering from mental illness. It was also give me the information I need to know what is qualities are necessary for college campuses to provide for these

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