Methadone Case Study

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The applicant is a 49 year old male with two adult children. The applicant has never been married is currently in a relationship with his significant other, Kim for the past 17 years. The applicant currently resides with his 2 sisters and his mother. Also, the applicant is employed as a car sales person with Toyota and is at risk with losing employment due to his drug habits as to why the patient is seeking treatment. The applicant reports that methadone works well for him. Addressing the drug history- The applicant had his first alcohol at the age of 16 and his last use was 3-11 months ago. According to the applicant, he only drinks occasional during celebration of an event. The applicant is willing to discontinue drinking alcohol occasionally as it will interfere with his methadone treatment once if he was to be admitted. Furthermore, the applicant used cocaine at the age of 19, inhalation. The applicant reports that he haven 't used cocaine for a year, prior to his usage, it would have been 1/2 gram. In addition, the applicant then reports at the age of 29, he used heroin and still uses heroin by IV daily. His last use was this morning. Lastly, the applicant first began using marijuana at the age of 16, on/off for 33 years. The patient reports only smoking THC less than once a month, 1-2 blunts. …show more content…

SCAAD (Southerneastern Council Alcoholism and Drug, Inc) in 05/2011 and 11/2011, 5 days
Rushford in 10/2013, 6 days then completed a 28 day program.

The patient completed two residential facilities during his

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