Methadone Replacement Therapy Case Study

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Methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) or Methadone Replacement Therapy (MRT) is one of the “Harm Reduction” programme established by the Ministry of Health Malaysia in October 2005 for opioid abusers or patients who developed opioid dependence. Methadone can be administrated on an outpatient programme at numerous government hospitals and clinics. Methadone is prescribed by a qualified and well-trained physician when the patient presented himself at the clinic, and the dosage of methadone will be determined and hence dispensed by a pharmacist. The patient has to strictly follow and adhere to the treatment regime. A few places where MMT is accessible include tertiary government hospital, health clinic, general practitioners, national anti-drug…show more content…
Firstly, acquisition in which the purchasing of liquid methadone is performed by the pharmacists in the hospitals. When the stock has arrived, it will be distributed by the pharmacists to the treatment centres including private clinics. Pharmacists need to ensure methadone is properly stored in pharmacy premises, and also during transportation to other places to ensure that it is not exposed to the public. Methadone should be stored at room temperature in a separate room and the room should be locked to prevent stealing and missing of the drug. The pharmacist is also in charge of the safekeeping of the key along with the record of stock replenished and usage of the drug, following the Poison Act 1952 and regulations. Before dispensing of the drug, the pharmacist received the prescription need to confirm that the prescription is done by a licensed physician and signed by the physician. Pharmacists need to ensure the prescription is complete, the dose prescribed is relevant and no drug-drug interactions take place. Special precautions should be taken when encountering patients with severe hepatic impairment and patients who are intolerant of methadone due to contraindications in these patients and hence they should not be prescribed methadone. Therefore patients’ screening is crucial before dispensing of the drug in order to analyse the congenital risks and the eligibility of a patient to undergo

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