Why Was The Mexican American War Being Unjustified

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In life everything can be either justified or unjustified. Sometimes when things happen they can come out being unjustified according to some people and justified according to other. When that happens there is normally a huge argument about it. In 1812 Mexico gained its independence from Spain and in 1836 Texas won its independence from Mexico. There was a huge war in 1812 but it wasn't a very controversial war, the Mexican-American war was way more controversial. The war with Mexico was not justified for three reasons, one reason is that the war was about expanding slavery, another reason is because the war was not needed, the final reason is that the war was wicked and provoked. The first reason why the war was unjustified was because the war was about getting more land for slaves and slavery. Joshua R. Giddings explains, “This war is waged against an unoffending people without just or adequate cause, for the purposes of conquest; with the design to extend slavery; in violation of the Constitution, against the dictates of justice, of humanity, of the sentiments of the age in which we live, and the precepts of the religion we profess.”(Document E). Giddings explains it perfectly, he was there while the war was going on. He was on Mexico’s side …show more content…

There are many examples how the war was horrible and Ulysses S. Grant specifically states, “I do not think there was ever a war more wicked than that waged by the United States on Mexico.” (Document C). Grant never forgave himself for getting himself into this war his opinions were very strong towards this matter. Grant also explains, “Texas had no claim beyond the Nueces river, and yet we pushed on to the Rio Grande and crossed it. I am always ashamed of my country when I think of that invasion.” (Document C). At many points during the Mexican-American war people were disappointed in their own country just like Ulysses S.

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