Mexico Dbq Essay

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California which is one of the fifty states of American might have been stolen from Mexico. On April 25th 1846 after the annexation of Texas American soldiers went to the borders by Texas and went to guard it. Mexico had a different perspective however and saw that the United States were crossing their borders and attacked them. This caused a lot of conflicts which lead to the Mexican American War. I believe that America was not justified with going to war with Mexico because of how Mexico did not accept the annexation of Texas, Mexico defending their land and US invading it, the last reasons is what Mexico did not accept slavery but Americans ignored this rule. The first reason why American were not justified in going to war with Mexico was the fact that Mexico did not accept the annexation of Texas. Americans decided that Texas was free to annex because of Santa Ana signing the treaty and losing the battles(Document B).However Mexico did not accept this and was in the mindset that their land was still their land (Document D). I feel that Mexico was justified in this sense because what Santa Anna did is like someone making a …show more content…

Americans came into Mexico with certain rules they had to obey for example the slave law. Mexico had a law in place forbidding slavery on their land. However Americans decided to bring in slaves to help with farmland (Document D). Americans also broke several other laws like the promise that they would speak Spanish when coming into Mexico. Americans also promised to convert to Catholicism but they also broke that promise. Americans just came into Texas breaking laws and now deciding to take it for themselves. Americans should not be the people invading and attacking Mexico but they would be the victims of law. Mexico should not be the people getting invaded. Americans abused Mexico 's

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