Michael Burke No Firemen At Ground Zero This 9/11 Analysis

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The article “ No Firemen at Ground Zero This 9/11” written by Michael Burke and published by the Wall street journal is a persuasive piece about first responders at 9/11 who died are not being properly honored at the 10th anniversary ceremony. He uses narration and tone in his piece to achieve his goal of persuading the influential readers of the Wall Street journal that they should stand up with him and give the mayor heat to involve every person who sacrificed their life to help people on 9/11. The way Burke changes the tone halfway through the piece is an important part to this article. This article starts out as an emotional writing meant to make the audience remember an event that happened 10 years ago. He uses diction and pathos effectively drawing you in. Most people who will read this article will remember …show more content…

He starts of his paper by telling multiple stories. He describes in detail how it was like for someone who was actually there to experience it. “In the lobby of the towers the men gathered, awaiting their orders…” Telling a detailed story will help the reader understand what really happened and how people truly felt. Allowing them to put themselves in the shoes of a firemen or someone who was saved by a firemen makes their want to help stronger. This will help them understand better on why Burke is writing this piece making them fell just as strong about it as he does. “When they arrived at the base towers, there were jumpers by score.” Putting this sentence in there allows the audience to imagine being there at 9/11 and going up to try and help and just see people jumping for their live in attempt to escape the fire. All in all, Burke used tone and narration to help persuade his point that first responders should get a proper recognition at the

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