Michael Murray Drug Addiction Summary

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On June 25th, 2009, the whole world was shocked when news broke of Michael Jackson’s death. Initially, reports said that his cause of death was cardiac arrest but they were unsure what had caused it. It was later revealed that his death stemmed from a long time addiction to a number of prescription drugs. Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray was charged with involuntary manslaughter for supplying Jackson with many types of prescription drugs. The drugs found in his system at his time of death were propofol, lorazepam, midazolam, diazepam, lidocaine, and ephedrine. Dr. Murray was being paid 150,000 dollar a month to act as Jackson’s physician. Murray stayed the night with Jackson six days and week and gave him propofol and other sedatives at Jackson’s request to help him sleep. Dr. Murray actually told police four days after Jackson’s death that he had used propofol every night. Also revealed in Dr. Murray’s testimony was that he had been administering the drugs without the proper monitoring equipment. So many doctors in America are money hungry and will prescribe their patients with monthly prescriptions for drugs that they do …show more content…

Patients who use prescription drugs as directed by their doctor are at very low risk of becoming addicted. However, intentional misuse such as taking the drugs when not needed can lead to an awful addiction. Three of the most common prescription drugs that people misuse are opioids, depressants, and stimulants. These three drugs help people with pain relief, anxiety, and ADD/ADHD. One of the biggest reasons why patients are becoming addicted is because their doctors are improperly prescribing the drugs. California has a law saying the supply for a controlled substance may not exceed 72 hours. Several states such as California have also conformed to this by maximizing their supply of drugs to daily or hourly

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