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The year is 2049, Disneyland has run out of money to fund its park and is now abandoned. All of the characters have moved on in life and become successful in the film industry, except for one… Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse has fallen into a deep depression and does not want to move away from his home that he has loved for so long. Mickey wants to stay and take care of the place that he has lived forever. Mickey plans to live the rest of his life in peace and solitude in the Castle.
One dark and dreary night Mickey goes out on his usual walk through the disney park, but something seems different. He then sees dark figures in the distance coming closer and closer, but he is very old now and cant run like he once did. He moves as fast as he can towards his castle but gets tackled into the lake. Mickey then begins to struggle to get out, as the figures hands clench his throat and begin to …show more content…

A group of young teenage children are exploring the old abandoned Disneyland for the first time in their lives. The sight is miraculous and they've only heard stories from their grandparents of the magical joyous times that took place here. As the fun afternoon starts to come to an end, the four young kids find themselves lost in the giant amusement park. A thunderstorm starts to role in overhead and it begins to get very dark. The kids run to the closest shelter available, in the forest, near a lake. As time passes and the storm begins to calm, the kids must go home because their parents are worried sick about where they have been. The children begin to walk and look over to the lake not knowing that this is the place where Mickey Mouse drown five years ago on this exact day. They notice a large dark figure on the other side of the lake with a very wide head. It is very dark so the kids convince each other that is just a tree or a bush of somesort, little do they know what is about to

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