Brief Summary Of The Play 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

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The play started while Christine was cooking in the kitchen on the eve of Midsummer. A servant, named Jean enters the kitchen saying he danced with Miss Julie, the daughter of the count, and says that Miss julie is wild as her engagement was broken because Miss Julie 's fiancé abandoned her after she attempted to train him, making him jump over her riding whip in the barnyard as she beat him. Meanwhile, Miss julie entered the kitchen and asked Jean to dance with her at the party. At first, Jean was hesitant to go with her and warned her against the danger of local gossips and reputation but, at the end Jean gave in to Miss Julie’s invitation and went with her to the party. Jean and Miss Julie went home from the party while Christine was asleep beside the stove. Julie demanded Jean to kneel and kiss her foot. Miss Julie told Jean that she dreamt that she was “climbing down” from her social position and on the other hand, Jean dreamt that he was climbing up the social status. Jean made up a story to sway Miss Julie. He narrated that he grew up on a…show more content…
Miss Julie tells him about her life. Believing in the independence of women, Julie 's mother brought the estate to ruin, but when Miss Julie’s father took the rule over the condition, her mother fell afflicted. The estate was burned down because of the mysterious fire. Julie’s mother suggested that Julie’s father should borrow money from a friend of hers to restore the estate. Jean pointed that Julie’s mother was the one who set the fire and the friend that Julie’s mother was referring to was her lover. Miss Julie did not believe in Jean’s point of view, she took the side of her mother and grew up having hatred in men like her mother did. Jean, weary of Julie’s talk. Miss Julie asked for suggestions on what she would do, Jean instructed her that she should run away since he was horrified of the consequence of the Count, and so Miss Julie prepared to
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