Military Veterans Suicide Paper

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Taking Down Suicide Through Communal Support
Twenty-two, is the number found from statistics that shows the number of military veteran suicide each day (Philipps, 2015) and weather that is a small or great amount, the amount greatly surpasses the amount of teachers, police officers, or firemen suicide each day. With such a high suicide rate, the amount of outlets and solutions available for military veterans is rather miniscule in comparison and the slightest amount of appraisal are “Thank you for your service” which are rather hollow and shrouded with cluelessness (Lister, 2015).This high number of suicide is not only a result from veterans dealing with posttraumatic stress disorder, but it also stems from mood disorders, substance abuse, …show more content…

One idea that could be implemented would be to hold a walk, or marathon in a local school or park in which the goal and mission is to show military veterans and their families that they have a very strong support group within their area. Weather money is collected or not, it shows military veterans the bonds between an individual and community and that it is a safe place and they have a place to turn to for everyday support. Another way of establishing a connection between individual and community, is enabling military veterans lead an education session at churches, gatherings, or even at schools. Not only would this allow the veterans to reflect about themselves and vent their voice, but it allows the veterans to bridge the gap between civilian and military America between the truths and the myths which will in turn both increase the knowledge of the common civilian about wars and increase the mental health support for military veterans and their families (Arvanitis, 2013). Not only would the community support benefit the military veterans, but in return the process would benefit the community itself in that a bond …show more content…

Through those words, it is often time overlooked that women also serve in the military and even though a number of women does not see combat, there are some that experience similar combat exposure and the post behavioral health issues as their male counterparts (Conard, 2015). A major concern for women veterans are the behavioral health issues, which are slightly different than men, as they are not always ready to discuss their concerns with their nurses or therapist. Even though that should be respected, those important information should be shared as that could decrease the rate of their depression which in turn could prevent suicide and in the long run, decrease the suicide rate. Women plays many major roles in societal life such as mothers, educators and leaders and are respected and many times receive the recognition and appraisal that they deserve. Women in the military, whether they are in combat or nursing, should be appraised and recognized in the same way as women in society. Through all the communications between therapist and family and the appraisal of the community, these small steps have great potential to address at the fact that there is a lack of service for the women in service (Conard,

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