The Tragic Hero In Milton Hershey's

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Milton Hershey was a great man. He did a lot for the world. What would we do without him. Imagine if he did not love candy more than anything in the world we would probably not have Hershey bars, kisses, you name it. Milton Hershey did not only do sweets. He also helped out In war world one and two. What a hero he is. He created what now is The Hershey Company
Milton Hershey grew up in a small farm in Pennsylvania. He was still 7 years old when the American Revolutionary War came to his family's farm. His education was not the best, he made it through fourth grade and then stoped to work on the farm with his dad.His parent were Fanny and Henry Hershey. He also had a little sister.He use to work on the farm every day. Except Saturday, thats …show more content…

He made excellent carmel. When people started to see how good his caramels were then they decided to start buying and exporting out of the country. Especially England loved his caramels. Then one day he decided to visit England to see how his caramels were doing. When he got there he saw that kids were racing to get in the store. He also followed some kids that bought the candy to see what they did with the it. He saw that England covered his caramels in chocolate. He also saw that the kids did not care about the carmels , they cared about the chocolate. Thats how he came back to America with a brilliant idea of Hershey chocolates.
He got to work on the famous Hershey chocolate bar. He new that he would need more money and more employes.So he asked the bank for more. Of course the refused until a few week when they saw it could be a real success. They gave him the money and he got to work again. In a few years his mom and dad died of disease and old age.After more years of great success he got married to Catherine Sweeney. Her nickname “kitty”. They married and lived very …show more content…

Milton did not want to fire any of his amazing and loyal employees. So he created the company town on a old field of wheat. Then he just slowed down process. Made employees work for less time and just a little bit less money. After the Great Depression passed they started up all over again. Then came World War one and two. Milton was asked to make protein bars for the soldiers so they are never hungry and ready to fight.Milton did just what they asked and we won the wars.Sadly during the wars Kitty fell really ill. She died a week after there seventeenth anniversary.Then two weeks later Milton died of pneumonia. The Hershey company and the town still stands in pennsylvania.
Milton Hershey did a lot for the country. He did not fire anyone in the great depression, he helped in the wars. Even though it was not in a fighting way he still is a very good man.His Hershey chocolates are sold all over the world. He might not have changed what people did or said or any actions in people, but he did change the hearts. There desire for sweets. Not just any sweets, Hershey bars sweets. Milton Hershey said this quote a lot "Caramels are only a fad. Chocolate is a permanent

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