Mindfulness Process Journal

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Mindfulness Process Journal 1 Practicing mindfulness has been an important part of my life since I have decided to become a Buddhist. I often heard that mindfulness or meditation although is taught in other cultures, only a portion of mindfulness was emphasized in the practice of mindfulness. One of the reasons I aim to complete this course is to learn about the vocabulary used when teaching mindfulness. I was thrilled by the detailed concepts and the choice of words used to describe mindfulness. In particular, I was amazed by the introduction of mental factors, Four Noble Truths, and the Noble Eightfold path in the concept of mindfulness. It makes me feel like going home. I am working to incorporate what I am going to learn from the classes to reach out for those in need. Many literatures aim to provide a clear definition of mindfulness. This is different from my initial practice of mindfulness. I remember following what I was taught and continue …show more content…

The examples shared in class often trigger my self-reflection about my work with patients. I could not agree more with the concepts of suffering and power. I often feel that there is a part of me that wanted to help people because it is often easier to offer help than accepting help. Even though I do not agree with the illustration of mindfulness being broad light while meditation is spotlight, I like other illustrations used in the class. Instead of saying mindfulness as broad light, I would say that mindfulness is a sequence of actions that happen in a snap second, it happens so fast that one is not aware of the serial actions. It seems like someone is holding a spot light, moving quickly around the field and the light was so strong that it illuminated the whole field. This is also similar to how a movie is captured. Even though a movie is captured frame by frame, it happens so rapidly that we see a smooth movie rather than fragmented

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