Minimum Wage Issue Essay

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Income plays a big role in creating a society that is capable of doing many great things. In the recent years political issues in the states about worker pay has increased tremendously. This national problem has been good for presidential candidates as they can use this to boost their popularity. Some states are already taking action, 13 states plus DC have already increased minimum wage. In New York fast food workers pay was a approved to $15 (minimum wage). Many other states across the U.S. Are pushing to get a $15 improvement for minimum wage. Although there seems to be a gender gap in compensation many bills make it so there is equivalent pay for the work that everyone does. The bills help strengthen the laws that require equal pay already. Paid family laws are getting more attention. Lower-income families are benefiting from this especially minority women. Many of …show more content…

The local people protest and want a $15 change in minimum wage. This issue goes to the states and directly to the federal system. Some states already have changed the laws and have increased the minimum wage. Meanwhile the federal system has also set limits on many of these laws. The problem comes in when the protesters disagree with the federal systems choice in minimum wage. They believe everyone should be paid an equal amount. Although or nation is in a lot of debt the U.S. Government could help the situation and increase minimum wage and that will then slow many people to pay taxes. In some cases the federal system has some control but not all. Although the issue addressed is still underway if the protesters get their way it will serve the public good by allowing many of the people to pay taxes, put food on the table, and pay bills. By minimum wage people would have a higher standard of living and a easier way of life. This will then help the economy and jobs in the

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