Miss Strangeworth In The Possibibility Of Evil By Shirley Jackson

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People are like snakes Like snakes some people go behind your back and bite you. Shirley Jackson’s story “The possibibility of Evil’ is a very weird but good story. The story’s about an older women who’s leaved in the town basically all her life but she is very judgemental person that writes mean letters to people. Miss Strangeworth characted can be analayzed by considering what she does,what the narrator says about her, and how other characters interact with her. Miss Strangeworth character can be analyzed by considering what she does and says. She is a joyful women that at least what she shows and the stuff she says. For example “There wouldnt have been a town here at all if it hadnt been for my grandfather and the lumber mill. From that sentence it shows me that she is joyful that her family has a big role in the town and its being. To illstrate “ Miss Strangeworth took a deep breath , and thought that there was nothing in the world like fregrent summer day.’ This …show more content…

For example with interacting with other characters I feel like shes a coward and in the quotes I picked you’ll see. “She didnt notice it because she was wondering whether a letter to the Harrison boys father might not be of same service in wiping out this potential badness.’ She cowardly by writting it and not putting her name where people could know it was her. For instance “Miss Strangeworth awakened the next morning with a feeling of intense happiness and for a minute wondered why ,and then remeber that this morning three people would open her letters’. That is really cowardly being happy to know that you wrote stuff to try to tell people how to live there life or raise there kids. How can she tell someone how to raise there kids or live there life the way she thinks they should. In partiante who give her the right or degree to tell people how to live I want to

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