Mlk Day Persuasive Speech

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Though we shouldn 't forget the main issue, these boys are a menace to the peaceful vibe overall. Yes that may seem harsh to say, but there are ways to celebrated MLK day. Coco Brown, Pug 's mom, described bike riding as a wau to keep the delinquents off streets even if it 's just for a day. Still, dirt bikes and atv 's do not belong on public roads. Especially if there are other civilians driving on the same road . so yeah, I guess allowing these men to hastily swerve between cars apperently is now okay in todays America. Not a care in the world for anyone, in the documentary i hope no one forgot about the teen who got rammed with an ATV. He said he got hit into a tree and got knocked out cold. But that wasn 't all his, colarbone was

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