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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or as more know him Mahatma Gandhi fought and died for the independance of India, even through all the cruelty people say that the British ruling helped shape modern India, did the British really help shape modern India? While many people would agree that the impact the British had was negative, but Dr.Lavani says otherwise, Lavani says that the British Helped India with their Efficient Government admission of 500 million people(Political)(Doc 6), they also built tons of mines, canals, sewers, and roads(Economic)(Doc 10), they as well protected wildlife and ancient buildings and also built universities and museums(Social)(Doc 11 & 17). Political Dr.Lavani’s side of the Argument is that the british helped build or set in stone the creation of modern India, some positives the British brought Politicly were things like really well trained armies, and great Administration(Doc 13 & 6), but that doesn’t mean the British didn’t do anything wrong, the British had only 60 Indians in Government(Doc 2), and the British used armed forces on …show more content…

* The British only had 60 Indians in the Government system. * Indians were forced to grow cash crops that no one would buy. * The British gunned down Indians and constantly arrested Gandhi only further angering the natives. truth is that the British did help make modern India but that doesn’t excuse the atrocities they committed, they starved people, didn’t give them freedom and treated them like slaves in their own land, and worst of all they killed Innocent people, men, women, children, sisters, brothers, all people died at the hands of careless generals, all in all what happened back then to India should never happen ever again. This document should help you in seeing why the bads generally beat out the goods for the British, in the end a life isn’t worth less than a

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